Pontus Perssons ska-låt

Pontus Perssons ska-låt

Lyssna på Pontus demo-tape, inspelad hemma i källaren i Frändefors

Moose Panic (mp3)

Moose Panic Lyrics

Once, I had a nice house in the woods but one day I had to give it away
‘cause my fear of a beast with tall legs and a beard
an ugly thing so to say

Now, I’m living in the big town, trying to mend to lose my fear in the end
Pills, advice and some books the doctor had me to read…
Maybe you don’t understand?

I don’t have a screw lose, “the beast” as I call it is a moose
Probably you think that I’m sick
But this is the “Moose Panic”

The difference between moose and elk  I’ve learnt now, from a book by John Howe
And through all kinds of medication, two pills everyday
I’m strong, I’m not gonna bow

After weeks of heavy treatment, after paying the dues, after seeing a masseuse
I’m going out in the woods, to play Robin Hood
and where Sir John is a moose